Medium St. Patrick's Day Sudoku

If your sudoku skill set has surpassed Easy St. Patricks Day Sudoku then move on up to Medium St. Patricks Day Sudoku! While Medium St. Patrick’s Day Sudoku is still played with simple logic it is more challenging than its easier sudoku counterpart. Medium St. Patricks Day Sudoku has a smaller amount of answers than Easy Sudoku but do not let that scare you off. If you have a long playing time the first time you play this fun strategy game then try, try again! There are hundreds of unique free Medium St. Patricks Day Sudoku games for you to practice on!

Medium St. Patricks Day Sudoku employs the same sudoku rules as other sudoku games. The Medium St. Patricks Day sudoku board lives on a vibrant display of green clovers. The sudoku board consists of nine rows, nine columns, and nine 3x3 squares. Rainbows and pots of gold line this sudoku game, giving you the luck o’ the Irish! Fill this Patty’s Day themed sudoku board with the numbers one through nine to win!

Leprechauns are old but still mischievous! To keep up with all their trickery they need to keep their mind sharp. To do that all the smart leprechauns play Medium St. Patricks Day Sudoku! Playing Medium St. Patricks Day is a brain exercise that will slow the cognitive decline associated with aging. Join the lucky leprechauns and pick up Medium Sudoku this St. Patricks Day!

Shamrock-ing Sudoku Puzzles

  • Medium St. Patricks Day Sudoku is a more challenging version of Easy St. Patricks Day Sudoku.
  • Medium St. Patricks Day Sudoku celebrates Ireland with shamrocks galore.
  • Play Medium St. Patricks Day Sudoku to keep your mind sharp!

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